Purchase Terms & Conditions

Purchase Terms & Conditions


In order to make a booking you need to contact info@spaininthebag.com. The prices and offers presented on the Website are valid exclusively for orders made in www.spaininthebag.com 

The order validation by the client expressly implies knowledge and acceptance of these purchase terms and conditions. Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded constitute proof of all transactions between SPAIN IN THE BAG and its customers.

SPAIN IN THE BAG will archive the electronic document formalizing the contract and this will be accessible.

 Once the booking is done and no later than 24 hours, SPAIN IN THE BAG’s Customer Service will contact you by email with the confirmation. If you disagree with the information provided in the confirmation you can request changes or cancellation of the contract. 

When for access to certain content or services is necessary to provide personal data, users must guarantee their truthfulness, accuracy, authenticity and validity. SPAIN IN THE BAG will give these data the corresponding computerized treatment according to their nature or purpose, under the terms indicated in section Data Protection Policy.



The system displays the payment methods available for each order, making it possible to make bookings through: 

 Bank Tansfer

 Paypal account


a) Bank Transfer

By selecting the bank transfer as payment, the information of the bank account and the details needed for the transfer will appear. You will also receive, along with confirmation of your order, an e-mail which will indicate the account number in which to make the bank transfer. It is very important to indicate in the subject the full name, as well as booked services. Upon reception of the transfer, we will contact you to begin the process.

You must send the transfer receipt by e-mail to info@spaininthebag.com. But in any case, shall not be considered effective the order until our Department of Administration receives the bank confirmation of the transfer.

Remember, you must make payment in Euros and that all change and any bank fees will be at your expense by opting for this payment system. In the case of bank transfers made from outside of Spain it is very important that when ordering the transfer always tell your bank to take over commissions in origin. Otherwise www.spaininthebag.com management could stop the process until we receive the total amount of the service booked.

b) Paypal account

You can pay directly with your Paypal account through its platform. Guaranteeing the security and support provides by the Paypal platform.


3. TAX

All prices shown in the list of our products have taxes included. The prices shown in www.spaininthebag.com may be reviewed and modified if conditions warrant at any time and without notice. 



You can proceed to cancel your reservation sending an email to info@spaininthebag.com within a maximum period of 48 hours from the day of booking.

The only circumstance that may cause a refund after 48 hours is a service not provided due to direct causes of SPAIN IN THE BAG. In such a case, the corresponding amount of the service not provided will be returned.